Crowned Prince Kahlil

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Crowned Prince Kahlil

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:18 am

Name: Kahlil
Rank: He is the oldest son of King James, and so when his father dies or steps down from the throne he shall take it.
Age: Thirty-two
Gender: Male
Angelic, Demonic: Angel
Abilities: Kahlil has the ability to create earthquakes--not great big ones, but he can create rifts in the earth, make it crumble under people's feet, or lift great pieces of rock up into the air like a wall. He also has great speed.
Weapon(s): Yet, without the creepy head at the top.

Personality: Kahlil is actually very friendly and sweet, and wishes more for peace than war. Though Kahlil agrees with peace, he believes that without conflict there will be no way of resolving problems. He is wise for his age, calm, quiet, and tends to keep to himself, but he is quite out-going. He is a very good speaker, works well with others, and has the makings of a king. He is humble, but pride is a fault he deals with as the future king.


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