Prince Zane

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Prince Zane

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Name: Zane
Rank: Zane is the second oldest son of King James, and so he is second in line for the throne if he brother should die.
Age: Twenty-five
Gender: Male
Angelic, Demonic: Angel
Abilities: Zane is capable of communicating with animals, which may sound odd, but it comes in handy when the soldiers go off to hunt game. He also has control of water, in any form, ice, snow, rain.
Weapon(s): Zane's spear.

Personality: Zane is a very passionate human being, strong-willed and very stubborn. He does not want the crown, the throne, or to be king. He wishes to nothing more than train the war dogs and assist his brother, Kahlil, in any way he may need it. The idea of having to lead a nation has never been something that appealed to him.
Zane is the closest to his sister, Acacia, out of the king's children. She was the youngest and the only girl, and so she did not fit in amongst the boys, and Zane was the son who had to sit in with the "king lessons" but was not required to listen, and so they were both almost misfits. He loves her dearly, and will protect her from anything, even if it seems to be impossible. Zane loves the impossible, after all, for he does love a great adventure, the rush of adrenaline.


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