Extra: Blaine

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Extra: Blaine

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Name: Blaine
Rank: Decorated General of the angelic military
Age: Twenty-three
Gender: Male
Angelic, Demonic: Angel
Abilities: Blaine has control of lightening, which allows him to conduct it in any way he wishes. He body also overreacts to adrenaline and he can preform super human feats greater than what angels are normally able to achieve when adrenaline pumps through their system.
Weapon(s): This is Blaine's sword.

Personality: Blaine is greatly respectful throughout the angelic nation, and though he is prideful, he is a humble man. He is gentle with Acacia, and loves her dearly, and though he knows she does not love him back he does not wish to admit it to himself or to others, and hopes one day she will, in turn, fall in love with him.
Blaine is fierce and dangerous, and he grew up with a knife at his hip and a sword at his side. He is a born soldier, and combining that with his strong protective nature his is a dangerous weapon. He is proud of his abilities, yet he does not let that get to his head.


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