Current Generation: Galen

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Current Generation: Galen

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Name: Galen
Rank: Prince
Age: 21
Gender: M
Angelic, Demonic: Demon
Abilities: control shadows/darkness (speak through them, can travel by shadow) control fire
Weapon(s): For fighting.

For other Uses:

Personality: he's out going and leaderly -he's had to be- he thrives off of pain and everything more so then regular demons since he is next in-line for the crown. he can be ruthfull, and very hot headed. he's not afraid to go against his father and do his own thing yet when it really counts he does as his father has ordered. he is strong willed and does NOT get along with his full blooded siblings, very well. he thoughunlike the others has something he hides, he hides his soft side. yeah, the prince of Demons and he's a real teady bear, once he is shown what there is for him if he let's it out.

Other: He was Paired off with a woman. His life partner. yes they have no aspect of marrage but the women need a leader as well, though this leader still follows the king. She wil be known as the head woman. She feels his every need and desire and it's her job to fulfil them. Sometimes, she can even catch a little of what he is thinking.

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