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Note: The following does not need to be questioned. The only reason it's added is so you understand what's happened and grasp what the Earth looks like in the role-play's time.
3095 A.D.
Ones who were holy joined their savior in the holy lands, the earth was burned up and molded into a new form. All that was sinful died or was sent to live in Hell until the Earth could once again sustain life.
The Deceiver took the other crowd in his bony clutches to coax and change them into his demons. With large black wings and dark eyes, they are the sinners; those who do what the Devil can but does not. They are the lustful, the murderous. They feed their sexual cravings freely with no guilt or worry. No marriage exists in their culture and they do not love. The demons cannot love; it is not their nature. They eat off of pain and sense emotion. They have no compassion for their own, no sadness for a lost one.
The lava that churned on the crust began to dry as the even hotter sun baked the burning hot rock. As the life began to show again on the blackened land, the Earth angels and demons entered the new country of Aunthetica. The black soil was dotted with slow growing things. Trees and sprouts blossomed the ground, giving oxygen to the world once more.
Soon, the earth was divided into two. The time of the Angelic and Demonic began. The angels inhabited the western side of the globe, while the demons began to alter the eastern side. The land that the angels claimed was cool and well forested with evergreen trees, with four seasons and much green. The demonic territory was hot and dry, with little greenery but the grasses that grew. They lived off of wells, while the angels had freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers.
The souls of the people are sacred, for death is not like it was in the past. No one can truly die, for when the body of the demon or angel is killed, the soul returns to the Lord to take on judgment, just like in the beginning. Reborn again and again, the lives are recorded in a book. The Lord has one copy, the other hidden.
In those times where there were only angels and demons, the two were in constant conflict. This was no surprise since the followers of the Most High and those who were cast into sin never really got along. This era was referred to as The Dark Times.
The king of the angels was tired of the small border quarrels between the two and the demons’ foolishness and wished to end it. He declared war on the demonic kingdom. The demons’ king accepted this for he had a strong army and many sons.
The oldest of his five sons was twenty-one and, ever since he was twelve, had been training for the day he would become the ruler. Through those years, the prince grew to despise war and did not wish to take on the crown, did not wish for the war but his father’s law was indeed law and the young prince had no choice but to do as he was told.
The angelic king had nine sons, all strong and well respected, smart and could handle a sword well, but only one daughter. She was the youngest of the family at nineteen. One of her many simple flaws was the fact that she was quite adventurous, along with terribly stubborn.

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